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Zen and the Art of Gentle Retirement

So you've worked your entire life and have finally reached that stage where you're able to take a little break before you kick the bucket. Retirement - that brief period of relaxation before the eternal sleep. But how do you fill in this period of inactivity? For some, the prospect of watching daytime television and completing jigsaw puzzles week after week makes them tremble with anxiety and the monotony of it all can be as scary as the grim reaper himself! If you're feeling bored, how about getting a tattoo, attending an orgy or partaking in a spot of spouse-swapping? This hilarious encyclopaedia offers a complete list of wacky ideas and tips to help you survive and enjoy your retirement. It covers everything from armpits to bedsores and hip replacements to varicose veins. No topic is left uncharted, with the author handing out creative advice on disposing of excess earwax in addition to helpful hints on managing those back pains, headaches and the king of stiffness - arthritis. Zen and the Art of Gentle Retirement will give you an array of adventurous avenues to consider, as well as some genuine bouts of laughter too!
Author: Harry Turner
Publication Date: 1st January 2009
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781857567601
Price: £8.99


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