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About Janus

So you have written a book!

Or have you just got a great idea for a book?

  • Are you planning a book?
  • Have you just started it?
  • Are you about to finish it?
  • Don't know where to turn next?
  • Need to get it published soon in print and in digital?

“Our aim at Janus is to give first-time and existing authors a chance to publish their work.”

We recognise the difficulties authors face

If you're a first-time author, then only one thing distinguishes you from a professional author. It's not talent. It's not dedication. It's simply that first-time writers will have difficulties in getting their manuscripts published.

Why? It's precisely because you are an unknown author that the vast majority of publishers are not interested in your work. Now, in the increasingly account-driven world of publishing, there are only two certainties: guaranteed best-sellers or guaranteed library and university sales. And books with long-term sales are rarely kept in print, thus losing the author valuable reprint income.

If, as likely, your work is very personal or specialised, then they just don't want to know. And as production costs rise and publishing houses merge into ever-larger multinational businesses, that situation can only get worse.

Our Approach

At Janus, we look to nurture new and rare talent. That aim has gained us our widely recognised reputation as one of the leading co-partnership publishing houses. The strength of our company rests on the satisfaction of our authors and the quality of the books we produce. Janus have years of experience in navigating the publishing industry. It is a full one stop shop service for your manuscript.


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