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The Analog Camera

As the title of the book implies, all photographs were taken with analog cameras, ranging from the inexpensive Agfa Silette to more sophisticated gear like Leica and Contarex. Among the cameras were the Olympus Pen half-frame, Rollei 35, Edixa Reflex, Rolleicord, Contarex, Leica M3 and Nikon FE. Film stock was Agfa, Ilford

and Kodachrome.

The term ‘analog’ commonly refers to cameras using film, a method slowly going out of fashion, but this kind of photography still has its followers as the person behind the lens enjoys the pleasures of developing and printing pictures in the darkroom, often in one’s bathroom or kitchen. 

Although it is convenient to use a digital camera and let your computer and printer do all the work, it seems to take the joy out of hands-on photography.

The mystery of a missing negative, lost in the mail, had to be solved by reproducing the image that I had published in a magazine, and I include it here (page 69).

Author: Wolf Arnold
Publication Date: 10th October 2016
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-854-7
Price: £15.00


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