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Syrup and Cyanide

Working out of the Essex Police Headquarters at Chelmsford, newly promoted DI Dave Calloway finds himself rekindling an old friendship with DS Bob Hand. Together, they investigate recent and cold killings that are mysteriously linked to a brutal robbery at a jeweller’s, 17 years before. The Landlord of The Fallen Oak public house in Whitechapel, East London,
John Garron knows more than he is telling about the dark events of the
past and Calloway knows it.
The deeper he digs the harder the door is to open.
When DS Bob Hand falls victim to a hit-and-run driver, suffering life-threatening trauma, the web of suspicion widens in Calloway’s mind. With his new partner, DS Terry Brush, by his side the pieces of the puzzle begin to slowly gel together as more bodies are discovered. Their search for the truth takes them into East London and out into the Essex countryside as they struggle with a case that is buried in time and, more alarmingly, buried in
the mind of Bob Hand.
Whoever is responsible for the killings is acting out a deep and bitter revenge that leads Calloway into grave danger in an effort to save the life of the unfortunate DS Hand.

Author: Dave Copson
Publication Date: 24th September 2019
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-897-4
Price: £11.95


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