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Practical Aspects of Thoracic-Anaesthesia

This handbook first appeared in 1999 as an internal production at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. It set down the author's practice of thoracic anaesthesia as described and demonstrated to many generations of trainee anaesthetists. It was well received so, suitably revised, is now offered to a wider readership. It is not a text book but rather a pocket guide. Its primary function is to provide those new to the subject with basic information and practical instruction. This handbook is specifically intended for pre and post fellowship trainees whether learning the basics of double-lumen intubation or managing a list. Secondly, it is intended to provide those who have acquired basic competence with the practical survival skills needed to manage a solo list of chest surgery patients smoothly and safely. Outstanding scale drawings illustrating all the common double-lumen tube positioning problems. Includes separate chapters on how to approach every condition likely to be encountered on a chest surgery list and on the differential diagnosis and management of intra-operative emergencies.
Author: Alan Seymour
Publication Date: 1st January 2007
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780953737840
Price: £19.95


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