Master stress and you will have more energy, be mor"> Master stress and you will have more energy, be mor" />
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Master Stress: Tame Your Inner Monster


Master stress and you will have more energy, be more efficient and feel happier …




The biggest threat to health in modern life is not outside you – it is your own inner stress monster. We all feel under pressure at times, but when it happens frequently and for prolonged periods it becomes a major problem, leading to unhappiness and illness. Without the skills to handle life’s most common challenges, it is no wonder that so many of us end up stressed out!




  • Are you working yourself to death?
  • Have chest pains, muscle tension and headaches become part of everyday life?
  • Are you running around like a headless chicken?
  • Is your life filled with one crisis after another?
  • Are your relationships suffering because you haven’t tamed your inner stress monster?
  • Have you forgotten what it feels like to relax?




Learn to reduce the feeling of stress and take practical steps to deal with challenging situations by gaining an understanding of the causes of your stress. Be it relationships, pressures of work, study stress, financial problems or communication, this comprehensive guide gives 360-degree coverage to set you on your way.




Packed with techniques to calm your inner stress monster, it will remain sleeping peacefully until you need to handle a real emergency!




Author: Rebecca Richmond
Publication Date: 17th August 2015
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-91014-103-8
Price: £12.00


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