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Livable Diet

This book provides a fresh and timely reminder of the links between our mind and body when dieting. The book combines the spiritual and mental aspects of dieting, which are seen to be as important as the physical. So many other books advise purely on good and reduction whereas The Livable Diet advises on stress management, well being and lifestyle that, combined, present a powerful and well-balanced approach to the subject of diet. The book identifies the fact that all diets should be different because we are different. Awareness of yourself is the most important component of a successful diet so the author helps you, the would-be dieter, to assess your body type, working environment, energy, output, life style, management (or mismanagement) of stress and psychological strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this insight, the book leads you to evaluate your eating patterns and nutritional requirements and formulate a diet tailor-made to your own special needs. Instead of expecting you to change your lifestyle to fit the diet it is designed to fit into your lifestyle and become part of you. Everything required for successful body managements in the hectic 1990s is here.
Author: John Bullock
Publication Date: 1st January 1993
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781857560862
Price: £6.50


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