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it: The Architecture of Existence (Hardback)

Part I - CONTEXT, focuses upon the very essence of existence, examining time, space, energy and matter to disclose the way we define that something 'is'. Part II - RELATIONS, reveals that unique, complex relationships come into being simultaneously and exponentially in the event of multiple 'things'. Part III - INTELLECT, probes the most obscure corners of our comprehension, taking the reader on a fascinating tour of the human psyche. Concepts that are often taken for granted are scrupulously examined. Part IV - VOLITION, addresses the extent to which human judgement, decisions and actions impact future prospects, for mankind and deflect the course of nature. Attending these opportunities are unprecedented risks and benefits. Discriminating between the two augurs the assumption of extraordinary responsibilities. The author critically examines the basic tenets underlying politics, law, war, economics and many other criteria to assess their potential contributions to the continuing evolution of diverse, yet well-balanced, life-supportive ecosystems. Part V - AFFECTIONS, dispassionately reveals the merits and shortcomings of man's most ethereal faculties. Contending that man's destiny is inevitably and inextricably hinged to the veracity of his behaviour, paths to just beneficial futures can only be clearly defined, evaluated and pursued on the basis of morality-based rationales. With faith in reason we gain reason to have faith.
Author: Gary
Publication Date: 1st January 2008
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781857566680
Price: £45.00


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