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In Your Own Eyes

In Your Own Eyes is the record of an extended conversation between a 14-year-old boy, Miller Moss, and his father, Eric Moss, during the Fall, Winter and Spring of 2016/2017.

Eric sent Miller a quote: Miller responded with his interpretation of its meaning. Occasionally Eric commented on Miller’s response.

For Miller, age 14 was a point of substantial transition:

What do I do?

Where do I go?

How do I know?

Who else might?

We anticipate that the record of this exchange will serve as a welcome to others in the midst of similar adventurous re-imaginings to add their quotes and responses to the discussion.


Author: Miller Moss and Eric Moss
Publication Date: 17th January 2019
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-888-2
Price: £4.95


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