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Finding the 'Ring of Truth'

Flying Officer Ernest Russell Lyon, aged just 21, was shot down in his Spitfire near Plœmeur in France in July 1944 and buried by the Germans in an unidentified grave in Guidel Communal Cemetery.

This is the story of research by his nephew, Richard Lyon, sixty years later, aided by the sterling work of a number of French civilians, to establish that the grave was indeed that of F/O Lyon, in the process changing the burden of proof required by the authorities before a grave could formally be recognised. It is also evidence of the esteem in which such pilots are held, even today, that so many dignitaries attended the ceremonies marking the unveiling of a stele, and the placing of a new headstone on the grave.

Author: Richard Lyon and Jean-Yves Le Lan
Publication Date: 17th October 2019
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-892-9
Price: £24.95


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