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Exploring Existence Volumne 2 - Intellect


Building upon the foundations of Context and Relations laid in Volume One, Volume Two of four explores the emergence of Intellect. Probing the deepest, most obscure corners of our comprehension of this subject, the reader is taken on a fascinating tour of the human psyche. Concepts that are often taken for granted – perception, discrimination, probability, uncertainty, reason, judgement, truth, symbolism, the arts and so much more are scrupulously examined.


‘What’ is the question that we ask, when we do not know what we are talking about.

Insofar as belief is involuntary, it is uncalled-for. Insofar as it is voluntary, it is make-belief, the great pretender.

What distinguishes reason-based belief from faith-based belief is the degree to which findings are demonstrable by the exercise of reason.

To the extent that we harbour ancient beliefs that are incongruent with the realities of our times, we are our own worst enemies – from which position we posit that others are!

Verification is a prerequisite for acting in defense of existence.

It does not take very long to know very little about very little, but it seems to take a lifetime to learn that we do not know very much about very much.

The universe is a big bag of secrets. The most exciting aspect of visiting it is to revel in the pursuit and disclosure of the arcane. If one accepts this thesis, every day of one’s life can be a treasure hunt.

Confucianism regards religion as a form of education. It is no less valid to suggest that education may be embraced as a form of religion. 

Science takes what exists, observes it and tells us that it is not what we think it is. Religion takes what cannot be shown to exist, believes in it and tells us that it exists. Art creates what does not exist –- out of science and religion.

Through loving art one learns something about the art of loving.

The elevation of aesthetics in public consciousness is the highest, most noble path to the elevation of the human spirit.

Author: Gary
Publication Date: 6th March 2023
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-925-4
Price: £19.95


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