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Exploring Existence Volume 4 - Affections

In the concluding volume of four, the author dispassionately reveals the merits and shortcomings of man’s most ethereal faculties: the Affections. Contending that man’s destiny is inevitably and inextricably hinged to the veracity of his behaviour, paths to prospective futures can only be clearly defined and thereby made collectively acceptable on the basis of demonstrable evidence. With faith in reason, we gain reason to have faith.


Beauty inspires awe. In the literal sense, beauty is awful.

The early Greeks understood (that) aesthetics are indistinguishable from ethics. Appreciation may be deep or shallow, each having its own intrinsic beauty, as knowledge is to innocence.

The journey, not the ultimate end, is what is experienced and is therefore real.

Morality makes a virtue out of protecting one’s most cherished interests through affording protection to those of others.

Mad Cow Disease only kills cows (and a few people); Mad Man Disease will dispose of all species!

What we see in the great religions is a strange mix of superstition and practicality. We live in an ethical twilight in which we can see the sky gradually lightening, but have no comprehension of the nature of sunlight.

All that we have to do to ensure calamity is to continue doing what we are doing.

Man’s emerging duty as the caretaker of life on earth is a devotion more tangible than the worship of fictional gods, more rewarding than the worship of power and money, and more accessible to every man than either.

When the greatest asset that a culture enjoys is life, then reverence for life becomes that culture’s greatest cause to rejoice. If mankind should survive one thousand years, it will perchance reflect upon these thoughts and say, ‘this was man’s finest idea.’

What worries those who worry about man’s destiny is the general denaturing of nature under man’s tutelage, whereby fewer and fewer forms of life can be sustained; an exponential progression towards the sterilization of the living world.


Author: Gary
Publication Date: 6th March 2023
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-927-8
Price: £19.95


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