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Exploring Existence Volume 3 - Volition

The third of four volumes addresses the extent to which Volition exponentially expands future prospects for mankind. Attending these opportunities are unprecedented risks and benefits. Discriminating between the two augurs the assumption of extraordinary responsibilities. The author critically examines the basic tenets underlying politics, law, war, economics and many other criteria to assess their potential contributions to resolution.


If either means or ends are mean, they must be brought to an end by other means.

The machines of the third millennium will automatically assess imbalances in nature and convert to operations that serve to rectify such imbalances.

People who demonstrate war-like behaviour are the same who should justly suffer its consequences.

It is not only reasonable but desirable to enable life to abound in quantity and quality for no better reason than that each may be of potential service to others in special and peculiar ways.

Liberal thought is a sophisticated way of embracing experience. It is sophisticated because it attempts to emulate in thought the dynamic processes that prevail in nature.

Humanity is arguably less than 500 years old if, by humanity, we are referring to a burgeoning rational species distinguished from a few rational specimens.

The cynic views capitalism as the abuse of man by man, communism as the reverse and the proper function of the liberal to be a mediator between the two. 

Any system that cannot deliver opportunities for human happiness for the great majority, cannot deliver security for the privileged few.

Butterflies do not fly south in the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere to survive; they survive because they fly south in the autumn.

Where man is out of sync with nature he is, in the long-term view, out of sync with himself. That is psychotic. That is madness! If he is not committed, he should be!

The secret side of economics is the function it performs in reflecting self-worth. What you do with what you’ve got is who you are.


Author: Gary
Publication Date: 6th March 2023
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-926-1
Price: £19.95


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