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Exploring Existence Volume 1 - Relations

This opening volume of four, sets the scene for later considerations by focusing upon the very essence of existence. Part I – CONTEXT, examines time, space, energy and matter to reveal the way that we define the concept that something ‘is’ rather than ‘is not’. Part II – RELATIONS, acknowledges that as soon as there is more than one ‘thing’, it is inevitable that unique relationships simultaneously come into being between them.


A ‘Model-A’ mind on paper.

On a journey through time, space, energy, matter, relations, intellect, volition and the affections, the author searches for clarification of the single most critical issue of our times, and of all time: the nature of human mentality.

Critical urgency attaches to realization that, with potential to annul the products of four billion years of evolutionary life on earth, mankind has in effect imposed a system of limited sanctions upon nature and because that is our conscious choice, that is our destiny.

In existence, man is committed to a life sentence. 

Equilibrium is nature’s ultimate enforcement authority – her ace of trumps. To the extent that corrections are overplayed, events are played over until each storm abates according to the rules of the beautiful business of balance.

It is as if each experience has its counterpart and that truth is not correctness per se, but rather confirmation of the extent to which phenomena correspond to one’s perceptions conditioned by experience, expectations or preferences, beliefs and the imagination – there being a natural and therefore human tendency towards resolution.

Evolution is the historical accumulation of revolutionary experience.

The earth is analogous to an automated science experiment.

We come to the bitter-sweet conclusion that the fuel of life is life’s excrement and what we presume to be nature’s inefficient ways are not so, but rather super-efficient means by which all is waste and nothing wasted.

Almost every abortion, and denial of abortion, whether legal or otherwise, is the direct or indirect consequence of man’s callous disregard for the interests of women.

Author: Gary
Publication Date: 6th March 2023
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-924-7
Price: £19.95


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