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Despondent Freedom H/B

Despondent Freedom is of great value in view of Gopal Krishna's participation in the freedom struggle and his comradeship with the leaders who held the destiny of India just after its independence. Nothing has escaped from the close range of his observations, of these leaders’ incapability and morality. The nation's mandate committed in various resolutions of the Indian National Congress, were never honoured in its execution during the long period of their administration. Mahatama Gandhi could not control his agony on this moral dereliction of duty by his beloved disciple Nehru, as is obvious from his cry, that he was deceived by congressmen, since they forgot to serve the common man and absorbed themselves in personal ambition and gain. The author has not only compiled these leaders' shortcomings but has untangled the intricate web of social, political, ethnic, religious and spiritual forces at work in modern day India and explains why this nation is not working in the way it should for the benefits of all its people in the traditional culture of this great country (known as Bharat).
Author: Gopal Krishna
Publication Date: 1st January 1996
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781857562675
Price: £15.00


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