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Darlington Grammar School

By the 1860s, the 400-year-old Darlington Grammar School was failing. Re-established on a new site in Vane Terrace, it then served the town for

92 years, with only four serving headmasters during that period. Having started as an independent school, with a mere 100 or so pupils, some of them boarders, it ended as a highly regarded local-authority-maintained school with around 900 pupils. Now the buildings are part of the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College.


In this new history of the school, Dennis Perkins, a retired solicitor and former pupil, provides a detailed account of those 92 years, from the Pease family’s support for the new venture to the complexities of replacing the school with a sixth form college. The reader will learn of the school’s achievements and failures, of the impact of war, and how, faced with increasing legislation and public scrutiny, it adapted to changing needs.


Author: Dennis Perkins
Publication Date: 26th October 2016
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-859-2
Price: £12.95


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