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Catching the Light

La Centra D’Arte, set in the beautiful Tuscan landscape, is open for the first painting course of the season and proprietor Patrick Forster welcomes the disparate group who are its first students. Among them is Rose Pazzi, who the year before married Alfredo (Dodo) Pazzi, the scion of the local gentry, only to be widowed soon after when he was murdered.

Now she is back, but why? Dodo’s mother never seemed to accept her, an outsider marrying her son, and Rose herself seems so fragile. And who were the mysterious couple who tried to abduct her when she arrived at the airport?

Why is student Isolda Seagram buying artwork to pass off as her own, and who is Toni Vasari, the young man who has a room full of fine paintings in his home? 

Who really killed Dodo?

In this book, Anna Fox weaves her tale of intrigue in the art world and leaves the reader wanting more.

Author: Anna Fox
Publication Date: 27th July 2018
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-876-9
Price: £12.95


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