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At Home in the Algarve

The transition of the Algarve in recent years from remote Portuguese backwater to international playground, package tour paradise and retirement destination has not been without trauma: radical change is never mishap free. Algarveans have seen the prosperity of their province skyrocket, but sometimes at a heavy cost in terms of damage to their traditional culture and lifestyle. By and large, they have borne the change with the grace and dignity that always characterised them. Still, one blunders in at one's peril. The British, in particular, who, as the author observes dryly, 'expect the entire world to speak (and cook) English,' are prone to pitfalls at every turn. Anyone adventuring to the Algarve should be forearmed with this delightful volume by Celia Moxey, full of hard-earned wisdom on every subject from fishing to kissing, from red tape to robbery and from mud-flaps to marriage.

Author: Celia Moxey
Publication Date: 30th November -0001
Book Format: Not Applicable
ISBN: 9781857565683
Price: £4.99


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