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Around the World with the Diva on the QE2

Around the World with the Diva on the QE2 is a book for all cruise enthusiasts. Whether it is your ultimate dream for that lottery ticket win or whether you are a seasoned QE2 voyager, this entertaining account by an American singer, who took her courage in both hands to brave a sea-faring life for four months, will have you hooked. There are amusing insights into the ordinary, everyday routines on board or, in some cases, not so ordinary, as when the author gatecrashed (albeit unwittingly) a cocktail party - and vivid descriptions of those peak moments of a world trip - the Sydney Opera House under the stars, the Hong Kong skyline and views from the forty-second floor of a Tokyo hotel. And there are also stories of the inevitable mishaps - losing dollars in Saigon, coping with mosquitoes and boring tour guides in India and getting lost in Petra - that may befall the unwary traveller at ports of call around the globe.

Author: Mary Mastony
Publication Date: 1st January 2000
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781857564297
Price: £14.95


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