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Threads and Patches

I started writing these notes/essays in 2001, and then in 2009 I started writing my blogs, which I publish on my website, www.davidcpearson.co.uk . The two sets of writing had a different purpose. I originally wrote Threads and Patches for myself, though in the back of my mind

I also thought that they could be left for posterity. 

That sounds like a grand statement and is not intended to mean more than that for those who come after me who have any interest in how I spent my life, then here is at least some account of some of the themes and some of the adventures and some of the thrills and some of the pleasure that I have had.

The blogs I originally wrote to drive traffic to my website, of which the purpose was to market myself in my portfolio career. But that purpose also changed as the blogs took on a life of their own. I have written over 500 blogs covering a great variety of topics in over 700,000 words. By contrast, the Threads and Patches are mainly about me and family, friends and colleagues. I have decided to publish the book to mark my coming of age, i.e. my three score years and ten in 2020.

Any profits will be donated to Samaritans.

My idea was not to write a chronological tale but rather to develop themes – ‘threads’ in computer speak – and to embellish them with ‘patches’, which in computer speak means fixes or Band-Aids. It is not an autobiography but it is autobiographical.


Author: David Pearson
Publication Date: 4th June 2021
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-917-9
Price: £19.95


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