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The Proof of the Soul

Does the immortal soul exist? Neurologist Copeland believes it does and persuades SILCO – a multinational company – to sponsor his team and support his vital research. However, unbeknown to SILCO, Copeland’s experimental subjects are human beings, albeit rejects from society: a violent prisoner, an old lady whose son was ready to dispose of his responsibility and an orphan who was picked up wandering the streets.

These invasive experiments have such adverse effects that they take one of the subjects to the limit and he causes panic within the project centre. Will SILCO step in and take control before their reputation is destroyed or will Copeland be able to finish his investigations and prove that the immortal soul exists?


Author: Colin Bellwood
Publication Date: 4th September 2011
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-777-9
Price: £9.99


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